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Fuckity fuck fuck


So, back in December, Chase moved the due date on my Credit Card bill from the 15ish to the 10ish of the month. without telling me. of course, I got the "pay your bill" e-mails, but thought I had a bit of time. The realized that I was late and paid it. didn't think anything of it.

Today I go to pay my card and look at the charges and see a finance charge. Now I'm not supposed to have finance charges until MAY. so I look back and see that due to my slightly late payment (because they changed the due would have been on time the month before), I got a $39 charge and in Jan and Feb I got finance charges of about $30 (I have a lot on my and the like). So I figure that since I'm getting charged now instead of in may, that's almost $160 that i'll be paying in charges. argh.

I want to call and complain at them, but it was my error (sort of) and so I think that they won't be nice to me...

this sucks so much.

Edit: lordaerith told me to stop being silly and call Chase. So I did. Having worked billing before, I knew to be nice. So I was very nice and carefully explained my problem to the guy. He then transfered me to Nancy, an APR specialist, without explaining my problem...of course. So I was very nice and summed it all up and she said that she was able to see what I was talking about and gave me a number to fax my problem to. She also reversed the finance and late charges. It's amazing what being calm and polite and really knowing what you're talking about can do for you.
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