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Ah, it's so beautiful out today! The weather on my dashboard says 66. I love my wireless internet. Here I am sitting outside writing this post, talking on AIM and listening to music. It's warm but not hot and just a slight breeze. *contented sigh* Of course, I forgot to unlock the door when I went out, so it's good that I can contact lordaerith over AIM to let me in :). Technology really has taken over our lives.

I dressed "corporate goth" today: long sleeve black shirt with a bit of a tie-up front and ruffles on the sleeves, long black flowey skirt, black boots, new black shawl, anhk and black crystal earings, black chocker, eye make-up and lipstick. Everyone was like, "wow Athene, you look really good today." Some people got the goth thing. I felt so comfortable. Like I could show people a bit of who I really was (instead of normal happy corporate person).

Nine Inch Nails concert tonight. So excited.

And, DISFUNK PACKAGE CAME TODAY!!! (Disfunk is my really cool second-cousin who's into sci-fi and fantasy and knows lots of writers and sends me awesome things like signed copies of books and stuff)

Well, artemis42 is here, so I should go help her move stuff.
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