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Lent so far and NIN

So, I gave up not exercising for lent. So far I've been doing really well. I found a 16 min segment from Cardio Pilates on Comcast's onDemand exercise section. I've been doing it every other day. go me! I think I might actually buy the full disk...if I can't find it.

NIN last night. It was good...but as lordaerith got the full weight of some guy in the pit slammed into his knee *sideways* on the second song, it put a little bit of a damper on some things. Still fun though. Eventually we moved towards the back of the floor and I got to dance the way I wanted to without smacking into people (in a non-pit sort of way).

Right, time to clean this place up!
Tags: concert, exercise, lent, nin

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