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food and stuff

My house smells like good food. Dinner was good. I think I'm going to like having artemis42 living here, she can pick up nifty things from the Brattleboro Food Co-op (where she works). Tonight's meat sauce was made with no-growth hormone meat and organic pasta sauce. Dear lord, it's so nice to be able to know exactly what everything on the label is (without being a scientist). And the meat looked really nice! And Pandora obliged by playing nice up-beat music.

Last night artemis42 and I made pizzas for lordaerith and daobear. They came out so well. She and i work so well in the kitchen.

OMG, pandora just played me the weirdest song, called "Miss Jackson" by Jaymz Bee and The Deep Lounge Coalition.

Heard the new Cowboy Mouth stuff today. Some of it is post-Katrina. That stuff made me tear up. I'm sure there'll be a lot more amazing art to see/hear/experience in the near future. Makes me wish I could go to Jazz Fest. Anyone wanna buy me a ticket down there??
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