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well, here we go...

Last night I accepted UT Austin and turned down North Carolina. Austin's really been the only place that I wanted to go.

I got all nervous about how I was going to afford it and everything then.

Today I look online and while I still haven't heard anything about scholarships/ta-ships, my Austin financial aid came through. I may be in debt forever, but at least I can go (without selling an ovary or first-born or anything).

eeee!!! I feel much better.

Today is going to be a good day. It's Boris, Natasha, and the rest of shortys_brood's birthday. I have Dreamweaver training in the morning and I took the afternoon off to prepare for Passover Seder tonight. artemis42 got most of the food stuffs, so I just need to pick up the meat (for us non-vegitarians), good kosher wine, and a few other small things.

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