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Hurray! After reading it on and off (and mostly at lunch), I have finally finished Fagels translation of the Iliad. I really really liked it. I was able not only to follow the battle scenes, but even get involved in them. When Hector died I just couldn't stop crying. I was rooting for the Trojans the whole book....even though I knew they couldn't win. Maybe it's because I think most of the Greeks come across as assholes at one point or another. except big Ajax. I likes him. So now, omnia_mutantur gave me my first Jane Austin to read. I'm sure people at work will give me more strange looks.

Saw the pilot of Lost tonight. Holy fuck! I know bits about it from lunch room conversations, but wow! I want to see more, more, more!!!

Went to the dentist today. had two teeny tiny cavities sand + water blasted out. bleh. at least it wasn't drilling. my dentist is cool. she's a lefty, like me.

Got to sit outside this afternoon with Elektra. the post from earlier, written and posted from my lawn. I love wireless.

Now, time for bed.
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