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bee in the car

OMG! Today I was running some errands for work and as I'm driving down the street with the window open, a large bee type creature flies right into my window and pretty much lands on me. Somehow I knock it down to the floor of the car. I almost try to kick it with my right foot, which causes me to almost crash into the car in front of me. At the lights I open my door slightly and try to nudge it out with my foot. When the light turns green I don't see it anymore so I drive on a bit. Then i get the idea to pull over and look for it. I do this safely and I don't see the bee-thing. Then when I'm stopped on an uphill I see it crawling back towards my feet. I'm able to get it out of the car before the traffic starts moving again. Nothing like that to get someone's adrenaline going.
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