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yoga class

I wanted to write about my weekend, not the last one but the one before, and how i dyed my hair red-er on friday, but my NOCCA training has kicked in and now I must write about Yoga class.

Dragged lordaerith to Svaroopa yoga class at Inspirit Common. When we got there Bucky remembered my name (which made me happy). Class was 4 people and for 3 of us it was our first class (first class is free at Inspirit). I think that Bucky was a little thrown off by the amount of newbies for what he wanted to do, but it was ok.

Class started by us lying down on our backs with our legs over 3 blankets and then resting our feet on on soft blocks in resting pose (saravasana???). Bucky came and did some adjustments to my body which helped me relax. He then put an eye pillow over my eyes and covered me in a blanket. I ended up having this really weird psudo-out-of-body experience where first I thought i was kind of sitting up, even though I knew I was lying down. Then I felt my conscious try to pull away from my body...but if it did I was pretty sure that I would stop breathing. Oh, and i was trying to breath slowly and deeply this whole time, but my breathing didn't match with the music, so it was weird. Eventually I was like, "fine, i'll give into this weird pulling." Then I started spinning counter-clockwise while the room spun clockwise. At some point in all of this, Bucky had us be aware of our body, slowly, starting with out toes and working up. I couldn't find the 3 smallest toes of my left foot and I was freaking out that they weren't there until I wiggled them. But slowly parts of my body started to materialize in space. Then, all of a sudden the spinning stopped and I was back to lying down on the floor in the yoga room with full awareness of my whole being...(and I wonder why I've been told not to take hallucinogens).

After rolling to our side, Bucky had us do this pose that was like lotus, but the base (palms) of the feet connect to the thighs. When I got into the pose, I got this amazing jolt of energy running through my body. It totally woke me up.

Then we went through 4 poses twice. The first one had us bring one leg into our chest and leave the other on the blankets, then switch and it opened the tailbone. The second was to cross one leg over the one resting on the blankets and with elbow on the ground and hand supporting the knee and openned the area above the tailbone (i forgot what it's called). Then we did lunges with the blocks which openned the hips/waist. Finally spine twists for the ribs. Even with my scoliosis most of the poses were fine for me. the last one did hurt my right side enough that I needed some assistance with it. The second one really stretched my right side in a good way, though. And only once did i use the wrong leg (right-left dyslexia that us lefties sometimes get).

Then we finished with the resting pose again. I didn't take a blanket or eye pillow and was just able to focus on my body and breathing.

I really liked this form of yoga. I think that with time and practice, it can really help my back. I could feel a lot of the tensions I carry because of my spinal alignment relaxing...or at least me being more aware of them and being able to breathe into them.

I believe that lordaerith got a lot out of it too, which makes me really happy.

Of course now my back hurts because I've been hunching as I write this...but hopefully we'll go to yoga again next week. :)
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