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Maine (part 2)

After breakfast on Monday, lordaerith and I walked down to the beach and walked along the edge of the surf. Northern Atlantic Ocean = COLD!!! But it was fun anyway.

After getting our feet/legs thoroughly wet and numb, we put on our shoes and walked into the town of Ogunquit. Went into a bunch of tourist-y shops, including the 1 Pride store (yay) and Spoiled Rotten, where we found a larger variety of Stonewall Kitchen items than we had ever seen in one place. We ended up getting some Caramel Apple Butter, Coffee Caramel Sauce, Red Raspberry Jam, and Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam. We didn't get any of the Lavender Mint Home Keeping Products, even though we really wanted to. We found out the next day that the Stonewall Kitchen store is about 7 miles away from Ogunquit.

Then we walked back to the room and then went into the swimming pools and hot tubs that the place had.

After that Aerith went and rested and I lay in a beach chair on the grass lawn overlooking the ocean while listening to Paul Simon's Graceland on my iPod. I regulated my tanning by flipping over every two songs :)

Then after another short rest in the room, we headed out to Perkins Cove again and ate dinner at Barnacle Billy's. lordaerith having lobster the day after our anniversary is getting to be a tradition :).

Walked back via the road instead of the by-the-sea walkway and found out that the library looks like a castle and there's a house across from it that looks like a house from Shakespeare's time.

Went swimming again at the hotel. Then chilled in the room for a while.

Then Aerith and I sat out by the sea and ate more cake as twilight was approaching.

The next day we ate breakfast in town and then headed home.

On the way home, we were listening to Jonathan Coulton when a piece of pipe that was lying on the road got kicked up by another car and came flying under ours. I heard a large popping sound and Aerith decided to pull over onto the shoulder of the highway. Sure enough, our back tire on the passenger's side was flat. Luckily we have a full size spare in the trunk and it was still full of air. As we were getting everything out of the trunk, an elderly woman came up to us. She had also hit the pipe and was parked a little way down the highway, also with a flat (note, this was not the car that kicked the pipe over to us). She borrowed our phone to call AAA. In the meantime, Aerith couldn't get the lugnuts off of the tire, so we had to call Toyota Roadside. After a little while, a policeman stopped at the woman's car and then came up to ours. I explained what was going on and he was able to loosed the lugnuts by kicking the loosener thing with his boots (Aerith couldn't kick it because he had sandals on). So we changed the tire, called Toyota to tell them we were fine and headed into Lowell (we had stopped JUST before the exit) to put air in the tires and get some ice cream at Kimball's (which we were planning on doing anyway). Ice cream is good for the nerves.

Got back home just fine. Listened to more of "The Adventures of the Red Panda" by Decoder Ring Theatre (which is a wonderful radio-drama style podcast) on the way. Upon getting home, we napped and then got ready for Haven's drag ball...but that's a story for another time.
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