Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
Athene Numphe

In Austin

Don't worry, I didn't move here yet. But I was given a chance to come down for a few days and scope the place out.

Today consisted of getting up early and having artemis42 drive me to the airport. The first plane left exactly on time and arrived to Atlanta early. The two hour layover became a 2.5 hour layover. The second plane was a little itty bitty plane (only three seats across...I had an aisle and a window seat all in one!) that left late and got in a little late. Got picked up by raven_lenore, with whom I am staying and got food. Now just chilling at her place, using her computer, because mine's won't connect through her modem and she's taking a nap so I don't want to ask her how to connect.

Tomorrow I'll be going apartment finding with the apartment finder person I've been in contact with.

Thursday will hopefully have me making a decision on a place, checking out UT Austin and the downtown area.

Friday I fly back home.
Tags: austin, moving

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