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Today has just been a "piss athene off day!"

First of all, the printer I work with at work has been screwing shit up left and right. I was going to let a few of the small things go, but when a proof was gone over about 6 times so that things would face the right way, and then they don' was the last straw. I wrote a very polite "this is everything that's wrong" e-mail and immediately got a "oh, we'll fix it all" one back, but still.

Second, after my wedding when people were cleaning up, there was a box of some of the centerpieces items (like the castle placeholders and candles) that got left there because it was hidden under a table. So when i found this out I e-mailed and was told that they had it. Of course then Katrina happened and my world went crazy. So, in November we try to go visit the place and get the box. We find out that the owner has got a new restaurant in Shelburne Falls. We go visit, have yummy soup, and are told that they'll bring the box with them to the new place. Then I start the grad school application process and all of a sudden we're moving in two weeks, so maybe I should try to find that stuff. Call new place, but am told that they didn't take it from old place. Call old place. get a total brush off. call again, get another brush off. call again and say that i can come up and get it. get called back and told that no-one has seen it and they're under new management so it's probably gone. FUCK!! I bet that it's not gone and if i went up there i could find it and they're way too lazy to look in the EXACT spot that I think it is in (because old management told me that's where it was). But maybe it is gone. And i've looked online and they're not selling some of that stuff anymore. but more to the point I already paid for the stuff and i don't want to have to buy it again. I feel like it's my fault for waiting way to long, but then again, maybe it isn't because maybe they're just lazy, but i don't want to risk it, but i want my stuff. who'd throw out wedding stuff???
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