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Good weekend

Had a really amazingly good weekend.

On friday we went and visited with kiten and doctorjekyll. Kiten was supposed to massage us, but she's all fungus girl, so she can't. So we went to the Olive Garden instead and watched some Season 5 of Angel.

Then we came home and artemis42 played some of her "Best of She-Ra" DVD for us. Squeeeee!!! I haven't seen that show in probably 15 years. Oh so much love and bad 80s music!

Saturday was meat fest. We got there early and Aerith was immediately put to work helping to finish the deck rebuilding. The fest itself went absolutely wonderfully. Mamma cooked so much wonderful food as always. There was volleyball and sparring with foam weapons. lordaerith and adan_ prove to still be evenly matched after all this time. I tried to play volleyball, but being terrified of the ball, well, I don't make a good player. I did learn how to play Chez Geek (finally, I know). As the day turned into the evening and people took off, a game of Muchkin was played by lordaerith, wabres, percival, godspiel, PA, and Zanek. This game lasted well over 2 hours. It was so cool to see them all together like that. They just all knew each other and each other's gaming patters so well that they all knew how to screw each other over. At some point during the game I made smores. Eventually the game ended (around midnight) and we got to go home.

Sunday I woke up early and the Frenchman took me flying (aka a ride on his motorcycle). We went around the Quaban area. Some of the roads I'd never been on before, so it was really awesome. Also, going 105mph, incredibly awesome! I could totally feel my horseback riding training kick in when i would try to get my heals down and grip with my thighs.

Got home, did laundry and shopping. Tried to pack, ended up falling asleep, woke up, made dinner, watched the She-Ra and He-Man movie (which has a slightly different plot from my Golden Book version), and crashed again.

Started my last week of work today. Eeep. lordaerith and I now have a total of 18 boxes packed. Go us!
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