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last update before crashing

Boxes packed and closed: 72

Boxes half-packed and waiting for more stuff: 0

Boxes needed to be bought: 1 REALLY BIG one.

Items actually sold/rented: Bike, Table & Chairs (she had to come back for the leaves), Apartment rented (at a loss, but it's a possible rent-to-buy and there'll be someone in here!)

Items thrown out: Loveseat, nasty bed frame

Breakdowns: Too many to count.

Services canceled: Cable, internet, phone (call cells if you need us).

Our saviour: wabres! Thank you so much. We really really really couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for all your help with the packing.

Powernaps taken: 1 (which was totally rejuvenating)

Left to pack to go on truck: Pile of items on living room floor - a little bit from EVERY room (but lots of it is soft). Some stuff in drying rack in kitchen. Various and sundry pairs of shoes. Litter boxes. 4 lamps.

Left to pack to go in car: Papers, clothing, toiletries, other random crap we need/want to take with us on the journey.

Hours until movers come: 6.5-7.5

Things to do tomorrow other than load truck and car: Get cashier's check, drop by eclecTechs, drop off Salvation Army donations, return cable box and modem.

Attitude: Wiped out but positive.
Tags: moving, packing

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