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On the Road (part 2)

Time started: 9ish

Time finished: 8:30ish

Miles driven so far: 920.0 (not counting the short drive from the hotel to dinner)

Stops: 5 (6 if you count the stop at Petco before actually getting on the highway)

Times got gas: 2

Slow downs for bad traffic: 1

Most stupid other driver: The car that didn't slow down to let the tracker-trailer pull into the lane, causing the trailer to do that swearvy-breaking thing, leaving track marks and the smell of burning rubber.

States traveled in: 5

Important line crossed: Mason-Dixon line

Current Location: Knoxsville, TN

The cats are doing okay. No vomit or anything (at all, which is a little worrying) in their carriers. Boris did pee on the rug piece in his carrier this morning. But the trip to Petco was to pick up those doggy pee-pads. We've put them down the the carriers, which seems to work fine.

PA and VA are so pretty to drive through.

Sang my way threw RENT! and RHPS soundtracks while driving.

Time to crawl into bed.

Hopefully we'll get to Memphis tomorrow in time to visit Graceland.
Tags: austin road trip, moving

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