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On the Road (part 3)

Time started: 8:45ish (EST)

Time finished: 2:30ish (CST)

Miles driven so far: 1336.5 (including driving to dinner Wed, to Graceland, Downtown and back to hotel today)

Stops: 2

Times got gas: 1

Slow downs for bad traffic: 1

Most stupid other driver: The camero on the other side of the road who was barreling down the highway blowing tons of smoke (lordaerith says he way probably on fire).

States traveled in: 1

Important line crossed: Time Zone line (from Eastern to Central)

Current Location: Memphis, TN

The trip today went very well. The cats seem to be adjusting to traveling. We got to listen to a bunch of Decoder Ring Theatre, which is always fun.

Got into Memphis, dropped the cats off at the hotel and headed to Graceland. It definatly is an interesting place to visit. We did the main house tour, the car tour (where we got to see the pink cadalac and other cool things), the 2 airplanes, and "Elvis After Dark".

The Living Room


The dinning room

The Buddha in the dinning room.

The Jungle Room

The back of the house

What the grave looks like when you visit the day after the anniversary of Elvis's death. I'm so glad we weren't there yesterday.

Aerith and Elvis's motorcycles.

Elvis's Roles Royce

Me and Elvis's purple El Dorado

After Graceland, we followed our shuttle driver's advice and headed downtown to Beale Street. We ate at the incredibly yummy Blues City Cafe. Aerith had the gumbo, I had the Memphis Soul Stew, and we split a rack of ribs (which we couldn't finish and later gave to a homeless guy). The weird thing was that part way through our dinner this group of people ran in and took a picture in front of the booth we were sitting at. Afterwards our waiter told us that it was the booth were Tom Cruise had sat in the move The Firm, which I guess takes place in Memphis. We had two more groups come in and take a picture at our bench. One set actually sat with us for the shot. We fed them some of the ribs (because they were REALLY good!).

Blues City Cafe
Aerith and I sitting where Tom Cruise sat

After dinner we walked down Beale Street, going into some of the cool stores and just listening to the music playing on the street.

Then we walked towards the Mississippi River and then drove all the way back across the city to the hotel.

The really cool hat that i tried on (yes, those are spiderwebs on the veil)

The sun setting over the Mississippi River
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