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On the Road (part 4)

Time started: 10:45ish

Time finished: 9:30ish

Miles driven so far: 2006.8

Stops: 3

Times got gas: 2

Slow downs for bad traffic: 5 (maybe 6) - went through Dallas at the tail end of rush hour, so there were a bunch of stops for that. One slow down was for a pretty bad accident that had happened not to long before (the cops and firetruck drove by us).

Most stupid other driver: The woman who pulled into my lane without any warning, forcing me to swerve into the left most lane (luckily there was no one there).

States traveled in: 3

Important lines crossed: Mississippi River & Texas border

Current Location: AUSTIN, TX

Yup, that's right, we're in Austin. Unfortunately we got in a little too late to get into our new place (the office closes at 6pm), but we're in a hotel around the corner. :) We were going to stop in Dallas, but it was only about 5:30 when we got there and we both got to the "we just want to get in" mentality, so we pushed it. Also, this way we can leave the cats in the hotel when we sign our lease, get our keys, etc.

Arkansas is hot and FLAT!

Texas is not so flat, but also hot. We didn't take the cats out of the car at all because the car was saying that it was 100+ outside.

Texas drivers are probably the worst we encountered on our whole trip. They can't keep a constant speed, can't handle hills, and change lanes erratically.

Pizza's here. Hurray for places that deliver to your hotel room.
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