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The moving guys showed up today at around 8:45 (we'd put the cats in the bathroom at 8:30). They were here until about 11 (it took them a little bit to get the truck in place). I was clipboard-girl. It was my job to make sure that everything that came in had an orange tag and to cross its number off the list. They were. Although I almost got a few wrong due to accents. There were 2 guys helping the truck driver. One caught on pretty quickly that we had our own labels on the boxes and that BR1 went to the left, BR2 to the right, LIV by the fireplace and KIT by the blue wall (we have a light-blue accent wall, it's pretty). The other one just didn't get it. He just wanted to put the boxes everywhere. I had to redirect him so many times.

After they left lordaerith set up our BRAND NEW bed and futon from Fly-by-Night and I vacuumed (we had to open the vacuum box first) the cat structure and the couches/couch pillows. Then we got all of the kitchen stuff put away (the vanilla extract and some of the chocolate didn't really make it). There were 4 of our nice glasses broken, but we wrote on the sheet that that box had made noise like broke glass, so they better replace them for us!! There was also a broken bowl...but it was $1 at Big Lots! so we didn't care about it.

After the kitchen stuff was put away, we were able to put the dinning room table in its place and then set up the living room (more couch vacuuming for me). Unpacked everything except for the DVDs, videos, video games, and board games (we gave away 2 bookshelves before we left, so we don't really have anywhere to put them yet). Aerith set up all the fun electrical stuff, like the TV and DVD player.

We let the cats out of the bathroom (finally!) around 4pm. Poor things. They were confused that all this stuff suddenly appeared and they recognized it but it wasn't in the place that they had known it to be.

I continued to work on the living room stuff while Aerith put his desk together. We had a minor "Can't find a box" scare until it was discovered that LIV-14 and BR2-26 were actually the same box (I was worried that that would happen). Aerith also put his computer and all that stuff together, so now...WIRELESS INTERNET with our VERY OWN router (instead of the neighbours).

We also have LIGHT in the living room area :)

And now food. So we can continue unpacking later tonight.
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