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An Open Letter From Cedric of The Bedlam Bards

stolen from apryl_knight, because I thought that some of you would be interested. (Because it's a Ren band, it has nothing at ALL to do with the subject of the song. Nope not at all. dirty pervs). This is not work safe, unless you have headphones (I think that's pretty obvious).

The Bedlam Bards need your help!

Many of you have laughed your asses--um, I mean, heads--off while getting the Clap as we sang "Black Leather Band." Well, the time has come to give the Clap to the world! Um, figuratively speaking, that is.

We need you to not only check out our new mp3 postcard featuring "Black Leather Band" (which comes with a free download of the song), but we especially need you to act as our agents in spreading this song around the 'net.

So we're asking you to send it to your friends, your lovers, your spanking buddies, people who need a good laugh (and who doesn't), and any uptight people you wish to annoy the heck out of.

Likewise, we're asking you to post this link to any sites related to renfaire music/culture and/or bondage, discipline, sado-masochism, and kinky sex. Not that any of you visit such sites . . .

So here's the URL:

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