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general update

So, i want to follow my Survey of Digitization prof around like a little puppy. She's so amazingly cool. It's the only class where i can really stay totally focused the whole time. Of course in class yesterday I totally geeked out about the awesomeness of Perseus.

On thursday I taught my first class on Dreamweaver with a touch of HTML/CSS thrown in. I was a little disorganized, but I think that it went very well. I believe that even the people who already knew DW learned a few tricks. Yay for me!

Yesterday i went and found the gamers on campus. I might even join the LARP if they start it up again. Yay for gamers.

Other than that, life is going well. Aerith wasn't feeling so well, so we didn't go hang out with people on thursday night. We were bad though and opened Guitar Hero even though we said that we wouldn't until the place was totally set up. Bad us...but the game is so much fun.

this morning i watched some of my She-Ra DVD. Dear goddess, I love She-Ra! Hurray for gift certificates. Also got a copy of Godslayer (because I've only ready Banewreaker)...of course I probably won't get time to read it until Dec (after the semester is over), because I already have a bunch of projects for school. Also got a laptop cooler (hurray!) and a purple hoodie because I needed one for work. How cool is that? A job that makes me buy purple shirts. Shucks darn!

Right, time to do MORE reading :)

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