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subversive culture

Today has been fun in terms of subversive culture. Yesterday I found out that Joe Glazer passed away recently. I used to listen to him as a child, and even sang Joe Hill once with him when we went to see him in concert (i was about 2 or so and didn't know not to sing along). I already have his "Songs of the Wobblies" album on CD (I purchased it a little while ago). However, by poking around at the Smithsonian Folk Song collection (it was for class...honest!) I found that the Almanac Singers album that I also used to listen to was available to buy as mp3s. So I did, as a birthday present to myself. With Smithsonian Global Sound you can even download liner notes (which we were talking about in SoD on Friday...see, school work!).

So, listening to my labor songs, I hopped the bus to campus to go to the Banned Book Week banned book reading slam. It was a lot of fun. I got to read all of Heather has Two Mommies, which is 11 on the top 100 most challenged books from 1990-2000 :). I really had fun reading it out loud. I read it just like I would have to young children, and gathered a small crowed. Someone actually had the gaul to interrupt me mid-book and ask why it was banned/challenged. Hello, have some respect! But it was good that he was curious.

Now I'm back home, and doing a "handwashing" load in my washer. It's the first time i've used this setting/washed some of these clothes in a washer, so I'm a little nervous about how well it will work...but we'll see.

Time to learn more about XML, fun fun!

Edit: Just hung up the handwashing over the second bathtub. The clothes themselves look pretty good. The water was spun out of them enough that they weren't dripping, but they were still wet. They were a little warmer to the touch than I would have liked, but that's probably because the cold water down here isn't as cold as it is up north.
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