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Birthday so far

My birthday started off well, with a midnight call from queencimmy, and a call to daobear and artemis42.

I want this morning to be a do-over. Besides being extra tired from staying up late (the calls and reading stuff for class), lordaerith found a large cockroach in our bathtub. As queencimmy can tell you, I have an irrational fear of roaches, especially the large ones. So, this morning found me crying in terror on the bed while Aerith, who was already in the shower had to deal with it. Loads of fun.

At least I got to campus with enough time to get a yummy frozen chocolate-coffee thing (called a Mocha Javalanche® ) at Prufrock's (the coffee shop in the library).

Class was actually interesting, even though she talked about stuff that we're not reading about until next week...which was kind of confusing.

Remember how on 8/25 I mentioned meeting another Smithie who majored in's her birthday today and the similarities don't stop there.
Here is the list we've come up with of the ways that we are the same:

Born: Sept 28 in the afternoon at Tompkins County Hospital (a few years apart).
Lived in: Ithaca NY, a southern city (LA/FL), England (Oxford/London), Northampton, and Austin
Have 1 younger sister
Majored in Classics at Smith
Lived in an east of Elm house at Smith
Visited Rome
Has Mary Lynn as an advisor at the iSchool
Has/had one or more cats
Can't/doesn't sing
Reads sci-fi/fantasy
Doesn't like staying in one place for too long
Had braces
Has brown curly hair (mine is curlier and darker)
Has studied 3 or more languages
Picked up fencing for a short amount of time

Ways we are different:
I'm left-handed and she's not.
She plays golf and I don't
I minored in Theatre and she didn't.
(there are some others, but I'm not going to list them)

For the rest of my birthday, i get to work in the lab, go to an iForum about Katrina document recovery, hopefully go out to dinner, and do a lot of reading.

This weekend I hope to celebrate my b-day better by going to Six Flags OR a Ren Faire AND/OR RHPS. Of course, i have two papers due next week, so we'll see how it goes.
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