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Halloween update (as promised)

Friday night lordaerith and I were supposed to go to a Haunted House, but we didn't because neither of us were feeling all that well. I watched most of Clueless, which I can quote every line.

Saturday we ran errands, went to the big mall, stopped by campus and ate at Mellow Mushroom, which has a really trippy interior and very good calzones.

Then I did homework and played with Mac Garden. That night Aerith and I went out to a party and met a lot of really cool people and were big dorks and had lots of fun. I was a wood elf and Aerith was Zorro.

Sunday I did more homework (see a theme here). Finished Clueless and started the Italian Job (the new one) while doing more homework - it's mindless OCR fixing, image and TEI prep, so background stuff is good. Then we got all dressed up (this time I was Titania, like last year, and Aerith had the same costume from the night before) and went to cjovalle, qyandri, and gruff's Halloween party. It was fun, but in a different way. They had movies playing and it was very family oriented, which is cool.

Monday I worked from 8:30-6:30 (I had to make up some hours from last week when I went home sick on Thursday). Also worked on group project while at work. Finished part 2 of 3. We meet tomorrow to finish. Really starting to hate Org & Providing Access to Info!

Aerith made dinner, which was very tasty. Then I watched Heroes (very interesting episode) and...did more work (anyone surprised)?

Today I was supposed to have a meeting with my advisor about classes for next semester, but she broke her elbow and ankle over the weekend (eep), so sent an e-mail yesterday to grad advisor, but still haven't heard back. Getting a little freaked!

So, instead today I got up and did more work. Then got dressed as a corporate vampire - sexy pants, nice business shirt buttoned at the bottom to reveal Evil cami, slightly dark make-up, and my fangs. Paid the rent and headed to school. Teased with the girl at the bagel shop that I shouldn't get a garlic bagel. :)

On the way to SZB, I got accosted by the people handing out flyers on the West Mall. I smiled (to freak them out) and instead was given a flyer for a showing of RHPS :) Was then given a flyer for the Madrigal dinner by people in garb. They even gave me the "nice" flyer because I mentioned my ren wedding. :)

Got to SZB and hung out with friends before class. Both procris and queensuzy asked me which clan. To which I immediately responded, "Ventrue Invictus." I had actually started coming up with a character concept on my walk to the building. Started explaining the new system to queensuzy when a guy dressed up in sort of an old fashioned/Victorian dress asked us if we were talking about Vampire. Hehe. I guess there are more dorks in the iSchool than is visibly apparent.

Class when well. Although neither the prof nor the guest prof were phased by the fangs *pout*. Guest prof was fun. Talked to us about historical research and was very animated.

After class crabes and I wrote up our research topic proposal and sent it to prof (not due until next week, go us!). Then went and got tickets for Madrigal dinner. Hurray!

Unfortunately the evening sucked. I had traded shifts at work so I could have today off, it being a religious holiday and all. I came home and put up signs so Trick-or-Treaters could find us (we have no porch light of our own and we're sort of hidden in the back of the complex). Only person to come to our door all night was the Chinese food delivery guy. By the time the food came, it was too late to go to the ritual happening tonight or to go to Rocky. Ate food, watched House and did work. Found out we skipped a page in our scanning, so we have to get into the lab and do it tomorrow. I kind of wanted to go out, but lordaerith didn't and I didn't feel like going out without him (even though I could have gotten into goth club on 6th for free). Talked to kiten, which was nice. I bet everyone's at Haven right now. I wish I was there. Found out that Rocky Horror Show is playing at Zach Scott, but am too busy and it costs too much to go. *pout*.
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