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There and Back Again

Got back from New Orleans a little while ago. The trip didn't actually take that long. About 7.5-8 hours. We stopped in the same place to get gas on the way back as on the way there (totally unplanned).

We went out to Deanies when we got in on Friday night. It's right by the lake. Afterwards we drove around the area a bit. Saw a house that had been torn off a foundation and the only reason that it was anywhere near it's original place was because it had run into a tree.

Saturday morning it was really weird to wake up in my old bed, think about how I wanted to traipse downstairs, get a bowl of cereal and watch tv on the couch, and then realize that there was no bowls, cereal, tv or couch downstairs and that I needed to put on my shoes before going down because the downstairs is completely under construction.

Had lunch at Domilise's (mmmm...roast beef po-boy dressed!). Drove around a bit and saw a bit more of what the city looked like (still, this was in the nicer parts that didn't get lots of water).

Came home and got ready for Sneaky's wedding. It was a Quaker Wedding, which I was a little bit worried about. An hour of silence?? but actually, it turned out to be one of the more beautiful ceremonies that I've been to. Sneaky and her fiance sat in the center of the room and after a while of silence, people started speaking, mostly giving thanks to be there and stories of the two of them and their love for each other. I was the only one who spoke for Sneaky who knew her before her work with "The Firm" as they all call it. What was interesting was that once people started speaking about the couple, everyone started to speak. It played onto the whole "humans have major issues with silence" thing. After about an hour, the couple stood up together, said their vows and exchanged rings. Then his step-father said this really amazingly profound and powerful thing. He talked about how when a couple is joined, it's as if time slows down and all the couples who have ever married and all the couples who will ever marry are in the space, sharing the experience with them. Both lordaerith and I could feel his power and the spirits in the room. It was amazing. A few minutes later, everyone shook hands and the meeting was over. Then we all signed the marriage contract.

Then there was a reception with food and drinks. I got to see some people that i knew in high school, which was weird. Also met another theatre techy person who Sneaky was friends with in college. We bonded very quickly (having worked with some of the same theatre people). There was a jazz trio playing and there was dancing. And a second line that turned into Hava Nagila. We were going to go with everyone to the afterparty at some bar, but when we stopped by mom's house, we realized we were really tired and it was kind of chilly out, so we stayed in.

Today we got up and went out to Oak Street Cafe. They were out of pancakes (*pout*), but still, so yummy. And there was a guy playing the piano and one playing the bass and this woman, who I guess they knew, came up and started to sing with them. They played/sang "Summertime" and the whole place clapped when they were done. It's those little things that make New Orleans New Orleans. :)

After that we hit the road, and now Aerith's playing Freebird on Guitar Hero II (the game asked him about 5 times if he really wanted to play it *grin*).
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