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why I should have walked...

Today I got out of work early (I worked extra hours yesterday) and finished my audio project for Digitization. Then I went to go pick up my prescription at the Pharmacy in the Student Services building. This building is a 15min walk straight up the street from my building, or a quick bus ride. There are two bus routes that I could take to get to this building, one goes around campus to the west, the other around campus to the east. I think about walking, but decide that it is slightly too chilly, even though I think to myself that it's a nice day out. I decide to take east bus.

I get to east bus stop and look over to west bus stop (kitty-corner to east bus stop) and see that a bus is coming. I step out onto the little ledge in front of east bus stop's sidewalk (I'm assuming this is for kneeling bus and handicap access reasons) to get a look at the bus to see if it is west bus (in which case I would cross street to catch it). It is not west bus, but while looking out, my left foot slips off of the little shelf, which causes me to twist my ankle. I wobble for a few milli-seconds and then BOOM, I'm on the ground with my left ankle and my right knee in pain. My hands were in my pockets, which is why i couldn't catch myself. I get up slowly, shaking my head towards the nice young man who is starting to get up to see if I need help and hobble over to then bench. Upon sitting down I notice that my pants are ripped at the right knee and there is a bit of blood. The bus comes and I sit down on it and pull my pants leg up. It's all scrapped up and there's a bit of cloth sticking to it. I clean it up as best I can, pull out the band-aids case from my purse (good thing I put it in there the other day) and put two band-aids on my knee.

The bus sits at the stop for a while, at which point I see the west bus driving off...

The bus takes me to Student Services. I get my prescription and go over to the nurse's station where the nice girl at the desk gives me a little first aid kit that has a band-aid and an alcohol swab thingy. I remove the old (bled-through) band-aids, clean off my scrape, and put on new band-aids. The girl asks if I want to see a nurse about my ankle, but I demonstrate that I can walk/stand on it, which means it's not broken, so I decline her offer.

I hobble over to the bus stop to catch the bus home (have I mentioned how hard it is to try to limp on both legs??). The bus proceeds to be 10+ min late, so of course it is jam packed. I debate waiting for the next one, but I have no idea when that one will show, so i get on the full bus. I try to be good and stand, but after two jolts, my ankle starts killing me. I explain to the woman sitting down in front of me that I've hurt my ankle and knee and could I please sit. I thank her profusely when she gives up her seat to me. When I'm about to get to my bus stop I realize that the rhythms of the bus have caused my ankle to start to really hurt, so I call lordaerith and he begrudgingly agrees to pick me up at the bus stop.

When we get home I clean off my knee in the shower and put a big band-aid on it. I then ace-bandage my ankle.

And if I had decided to walk (or take the other direction bus) this probably wouldn't have happened...thanks universe for making me feel guilty about deciding not to walk.
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