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So, for everyone who is concerned, my ankle is just fine. It felt a lot better on Friday, but I put the ace bandage on it, just in case. By Friday night it was fine.

However, my right knee has a nice layer of skin missing (also, I found out friday morning in the shower that I'd also scrapped up my right ankle a bit on the top.

my knee

Yesterday lordaerith and I went to see Stranger than Fiction with WO (a fellow grad student) and his wife, K. They are big geeks, like we are. K is also a baker. At one point I leaned over to her and wondered why the female baker who had been baking at her shop all day didn't have a single stain on her white tank-top. Other than that the movie was actually really cute and funny. The actors all gave really good performances, even Will Ferrell, who I usually think is too over the top, gave a really nice tempered performance that left all of us going, "wow, he's a pretty good actor."

Influenced by the movie last night and talks with K, I have decided to bake cupcakes today (as soon as lordaerith cleans up the kitchen). I plan on writing "Eat Me" and "Don't Eat Me" on them and seeing which ones get eaten :) Had to go to Michael's to get icing colors (I'd thrown out all my old ones when we moved). Ended up getting some Lightning McQueen cupcake papers. hehehe.

Now back to reading about research on blogs for Research class. The copy of the article that I think will be the most important one for our lit review has some of the words cut off at the end of lines and I don't want to re-print it. :(

ps. my cat's breath smells like cat food.
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