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Thanksgiving diner

For thanksgiving diner lordaerith and I decided not to do a turkey, but a buffalo roast with mashed potatoes, asparagus, and gravy. Unfortunately Whole Foods didn't have a buffalo roast or asparagus, so he got two bison tenderloins and green beans.

I started the mashed potatoes and then when they were boiling away, we realized we didn't have a broiler pan...about 10 minutes of insanity ensue as lordaerith pan-fries the tenderloins while I try to mash the potatoes and make the gravy at the same time. And all of a sudden we realize that we hadn't prepped the green beans at all. Luckily the tenderloins were able to sit in their own juices (of which i got some to for the gravy) which softened them, the mashed potatoes were kept warm in the oven and the green beans got done just fine. I was really happy with how the gravy came out as I'd never really made gravy on my own before. It was really easy to make and I owe mad props to artemis42 for adding dill weed to my kitchen spices.

Dinner itself was very nice. Afterwards I forcedsubjected lordaerith to Horse Feathers.

Now I should probably start the clean-up process.
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