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End of the semester list

OMG! I only have two weeks of classes left and everything is due by then!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!

To keep myself on track I present to you the to do list:
  • Organization and Providing Access to Information

    • Read all the material collected last week about web crawlers - I've read the simple sources, now to hit the more indepth ones.
    • Figure out topic for term paper based on readings - Outline is DONE.
    • Write 2000 term paper on web crawlers - Current count: 1374. I have one more section to go (the problems that web pages encounter...oh, I can probably get 300 words alone out of robots.txt) and the conclusion. And it isn't even due until Dec. 7!
    • Read the rest of Classification Made Simple for Thursday (only about 70 pages left)
    • Do any other readings (that aren't too long)

  • Intro to Research

    • Work on research proposal paper with crabes. I think we've done enough research into the topic that we can start writing it up now.
    • Read text book chapter and take quiz for Tuesday
    • Read other text book
    • Finish up anything that needs to be done for research proposal write-up
    • Do any readings for the last class

  • Survey of Digitization

    • Blog about two different online collections (one per week)
    • Go through digitized video to figure out DVD chapter breaks
    • Make access copy of video
    • Put in chapter breaks
    • Do any readings for class that are left
    • Finish digitization video project (can only be done after class on Friday

  • Attend Madrigal Dinner on Thursday, Nov. 30

Well, i best get started
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