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Help out my friend

My friend, rogueactor, shot a Doritos commercial to be played at the Super Bowl. The catch is that Doritos is holding a contest and will only play the most popular one.

Please help by voting for my friend's commercial.

How can you do this?

1. Create an account at Jumpcut, it's free but make sure to uncheck the "send me e-mail" option.

2. Validate the e-mail they send to you.

3. Watch my friend's really funny commercial.

4. Give it some love by clicking on the heart. And while you're there leave a comment on how awesome it is.

5. Pass it on (if you want to) so all your friends can vote on it too.

Edit: You can watch the video without logging in, but you have to be logged in to vote
Tags: contest, doritos, friend

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