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The list (part 3)

It's been another 4 days...time to reexamine the list:
  • Organization and Providing Access to Information

    • Write 2000 word term paper on web crawlers, due Dec. 7 or 8

      • Current count: 1971.
      • Write section on the problems that web pages encounter (oh, I can probably get 300 words alone out of robots.txt)
      • write the conclusion
      • proofread/edit paper

    • Read the rest of Classification Made Simple for Thursday (only about 30 pages left)
    • Do any other readings (that aren't too long)

  • Intro to Research

    • Research proposal paper with crabes, due Dec. 5

      • Do lots of writing: intro, half lit review, edit problem statement, etc
      • Insert sections written by crabes
      • Add Title page, Table of Contents, Biblography, etc
      • Write up Appendix B for proposal
      • Get conclusion, Appendix A, abstract, and edits from crabes
      • Go over whole paper for context, flow and formatting
      • Reformat and add page #s to TOC
      • Write up little one page eval

    • Do any readings for the last class

  • Survey of Digitization

    • Blog about an online collection
    • Do newly assigned readings for the last class
    • Finish digitization video project, due Dec. 8

      • burn DVD
      • print label on DVD
      • write up last bits of documentation

  • Fall over, go boom
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