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First sentence meme

I got nothing better to do right now...

Jan: "Happy New Year to one and all."

Feb: "Since I was little, my sister and I would sit in front of the tv and count what type of commercials they were playing."

Mar: "Went out last night to Haven for Mardi Gras."

Apr: "WotC is putting out a My Little Ponys D20 RPG!"

May: "My brain all explody."

Jun: "So, while lordaerith is playing PS2 games I'm going to try to recap all of May. "

Jul: "Don't worry, I didn't move here yet."

Aug: "Today has just been a "piss athene off day!"

Sep: "So, for my Organizing and Providing Access to Info class I was reading a chapter about the history of book/informational object classification systems and I was totally engaged in the reading (did you know that in the Renaissance books were often classified by their size!)."

Oct: "You know you've been spending too much time studying XML when you look around your apartment and your brain does this:"

Nov: "I'm really starting to love Austin."

Dec: "It was so cold yesterday that Aerith and I decided NOT to wear our garb to the Madrigal dinner that we went to."
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