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channukah saga (4 years later)

Back in 2002 I had my first Channukah Saga. This year I had a very similar experience (minus the snow).

It started out two days ago with me realizing that Channukah starts on Friday at sundown. So I told lordaerith that when he got home from work on Wed. afternoon I would take the car and go get candles.

lordaerith doesn't get home until 6 last night (because his boss is evil!). It's okay though because lots of places are open late (hurray for living in a city). We order Chinese food at 7pm. I figure I will get the candles and then pick up the food.

I go to Whole Foods because in the past two years I have found very nice Channukah candles there (usually handmade or with proceeds benefiting some Jewish charity or something). Unfortunately, they were out of candles.

On suggestion of guy from Whole Foods, go to World Market, which is just down the road. Very weird store. No candles.

Go to Hallmark store (back up the road). Didn't think they would have any, but it was worth a shot...I was right. Drove by crafty store in same plaza as Hallmark store on recommendation from girl at World Market. It was closed. Didn't look like it would have Channukah candles anyway.

Drove further up the road to Randalls. Now, my instinct was to go to Randalls in the first place, because it reminds me of Big Y. I go in (by this point I'm pretty pissed that I can't find candles) and ask the person standing there if they have them. She doesn't know, but she asks someone. First we try the Kosher section. Shabbat candles, but no Channukah candles. Then we try somewhere else. More kosher food, no candles. So, I start to leave the store, but then I hear her calling after me, so I turn around and the girl says that someone told her they were in Aisle 15. And...THEY WERE! Why they put the Channukah candles in the frozen food aisle is anyone's guess, but they were there and I am happy.

Go by the chinese restaurant and pick up the food (almost an hour after it was ordered...and they said it would be ready in 10-15min).

Bring food and candles back home. Drop a small plate on the floor, it breaks (artemis42, want the pieces to add to your pizza stone mosaic?). Drunken lordaerith (he forgot that Fort has an 18% abv!) was very sweet and calmed me down. Watched him play Kingdom Hearts II for the rest of the night.
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