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Arrrgh! Jaquiline Carrey is one evil evil author! I'm finally reading Godslayer and I want to root for both sides and it's totally not fair. Damn her for being so good at what she's doing!!!

In other news, in addition to watching lots of BSG, lordaerith and i are really working on getting everything from the move completely unpacked and put away in its proper place. Hell, we might even finally get around to decorating the walls :)

The agenda for today includes (but is not limited to):
Cleaning out the bookshelf where my school stuff is housed and getting it ready for this semester
Cleaning off the bed that serves as my desk, including changing the sheets, to get it ready for this semester,
Finishing the cleaning up and putting away of everything that is currently lying around
Finding out how much digital/high def cable costs around here and if it's worth it
Kicking Aerith's ass about his grad school stuff
Going to the Cruxshadows concert tonight!

Tomorrow I have to go to work (fun fun) and then...the Saints are playing in their second time EVER to make it to the second round of the playoffs (their first time EVER with a bye). Sorry last_bastion, I gotta watch my boys.
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