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Well, due to "ice pellets", it appears that school is cancelled for tomorrow (and possibly wednesday too). All this for "ice accumulation less than a quarter of an inch." I think that it's pretty funny considering that nowhere where I worked or went to school in the past 8 years would have even blinked an eye at that sort of weather. We would have been told to "drive carefully and plan for extra time" but that's it.

In other news, lordaerith and I have done lots of the cleaning and setting up that we REALLY should have done when we moved in, but didn't have the time. We've gone through pretty much everything and only have a few things left in the "where the hell does this go" pile. Also, we've gotten more stuff up to decorate our walls. hell, maybe with my extra day off, we'll even get the study decorated (oh, how happy I will be).

Also, we found out that because our apartment place subsidizes some of the cable bill, it wasn't that much more a month to get a DVR/HDTV converter. Made watching the Saints game really great because I could go back and relook at things that I missed. Also, we have it set up to always tape Mythbusters.

I have painted my nails black and gold for my boys. I just hope they don't freeze too badly when they play the Bears.

I have FINALLY finished Jacqueline Carey's The Sundering duology. Very interesting. I expected to be in absolute tears by the end, but I wasn't. Just sad, and pensive. Of course, this came after much screaming and yelling at the characters and not being sure which ones I wanted to succeed.

Kind of sad, actually, that I don't have class tomorrow since it would have been my Digital Libraries class, which I'm very excited about. Well, maybe I'll start on the next book on my list: Doppelganger by Marie Brennan.
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