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Problems and Solutions

So, today lordaerith and i finally decided to leave our apartment (after spending the last several days iced in) to run some errands.

Problem the 1: The car was coated with half an inch of ice and silly us, we'd thrown our (broken scrapers) out when we moved down here and never replaced them.

Solution the 1: Let the car run for a really long time. Use fists to break up ice. Help others do the same (end up with soggy gloves in the process).

Problem the 2: Roads are clear, ice is melted, but Texas drivers are still really freaked out that there might be ice and they don't know how to drive on it. And, the on ramp to the second highway was closed.

Solution the 2: Take alternate routes. End up in lots of bad traffic anyway.

Problem the 3: In addition to bad traffic due to driving and lunchtime, garages around campus (that we tried) were full. This ends up shattering what was left of our calm.

Solution the 3: Decide that I can run some errands on my own tomorrow. Run the rest of errands somewhere else. Bad traffic is mostly avoided and errands to Credit Union and CostCo are run without a hitch. We are much calmer and happier for it.

Problem the 4: We're getting hungry.

Solution the 4: We bring the stuff in from the car, at which point I mention to lordaerith to look out for the ice on the edge of the step (this is important for later). We eat lunch and then decide to walk to PetCo and Barnes and Noble b/c it's not really THAT cold out and the stores are close by.

Problem the biggest (5): Remember that ice from earlier? Well, I didn't. I step onto the edge of the step and Whoosh, boom. I'm down on my ass. And it hurts. A lot.

Solution the 5: Realize instantly that nothing is broken and really it's only my ass that hurts. Walk to B&N anyway. Walking it out actually helped a lot.

Problem the 6: B&N doesn't have book I was looking for.

Solution the 6: Buy book Aerith was looking for, skip going to PetCo due to slow walking on my part, and I can buy the book tomorrow on campus.

And that, was my day. Of course, the left side of my ass is still rather sore and not that much fun to sit on...(yes, yes, I know...but this time it's an uneven feeling...and don't even suggest what you're thinking now, you dirty perv).
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