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I tried out the Heroes 360 experience while watching the new episode of Heroes. While the trivia and the little immediate surveys (which not only gave other viewers results but also kept track of what I answered) were cute, in some ways they were distracting from the show. I know I missed the translation of what Hiro said a couple of times b/c I was checking on the computer screen. And I can't get the code that Hana gave out to work on the Primatech Paper site...but looking at the message boards, it looks like everyone else is confused too. So either NBC fucked up or we all missed something. My instinct is the former, but I'll check Wikipedia tomorrow to see if I'm right.

All of this - Heroes 360, The Lost Experience, America votes for its favorites, etc - has gotten me thinking about the nature of television and the interaction that cell phones and the internet has given us and its cultural and informational impact on society and entertainment. Hmm...good thing that I'm in school for this sort of thing ;) (And we wonder why I keep thinking about that PhD...)

Well, off to read a bazillion pages before class tomorrow. Damn my weekend of lethargy!

PS. Why is there not pie???
Tags: cultural studies, curiousity, heroes, interactivity, lost, project runway, tv
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