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Tickle as an archane magic

Today lordaerith and I had the following conversation via AIM

At 10am:
lordaerith: *tickle*
athene: imune
lordaerith: Yeah, right. I know better.
lordaerith: Do I have to specify spots?
athene: i cast protection against tickle this morning. it has a 1 hour/level duration. i'm 5th level.
athene: so there
lordaerith: Ah, but you've only got until noon, at the latest. And seeing as that's a third level spell, you can only cast it once today.
athene: i cast it at 9
lordaerith: So 2, then. I'll just have to get you when you get home.
athene: fine
athene: unless i sleep through class.
athene: in which case i can cast it again
lordaerith: Nope, class isn't 8 hours long.
athene: really? it feels like it

At 11am
lordaerith: *improved tickle* (<-- bypasses magical defence)
athene: nope.
lordaerith: Yup. You need improved tickle immunity, a 5th level spell that has a duration of 10min/lv to block this one.
lordaerith: But I can only use it once a day for now, so you're safe. But it still got through your defence.
athene: fine
athene: EEP

Then tonight we had the following conversation in person:
lordaerith: Hey, your protection against tickle has run out.
*he tickles me for a bit.*

*I get up, go into the other room, and get something out of my drawer*

lordaerith: What's that?
athene: *shows him the jade bracelet i put on* It's the bracelet of protection against improved tickle. (Which would have been a lot cooler if I could have said it all with a straight face).

We eventually decided that the bracelet of protection against improved tickle could only be used once a day and has a duration of two hours. Well, it was either that or giving it only a certain number of charges.
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