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Of Ren Faires and babies named Victor

On Sunday lordaerith and I went to Excalibur Ren Faire. It was a nice faire. Larger than the one we went to in the Fall, but definitely smaller than the NY one we used to go to. Wore the nice but not super-nice outfits. Was glad that we did. Had a fun time. Ordered a new under-bust corset for me, which is great b/c as much as I love my Moresca corset, after walking around in a faire all day, it can get a little annoying. And this guy is going to make it to my measurements! Hurray. This also means, that I'll have to go back to the faire at some point (darn!) to pick it up. I'll try to give more advanced warning this time to see if we can get a large group to go. It'll probably have to be on a Sunday, as I have a tendency to have to work on Saturdays.

Been spending lots of this break playing Puzzle Pirates :) Hurray for free oceans! I play as either Athenae or Sureal on Sage. Come and find me.

Last night I had a dream (well, I had 2 dreams that I can remember, but the other one isn't nearly as interesting...something about having an apartment that shared a living room with an ethic of some type family) where I had a baby boy named Victor and he was born early so they wanted to put him in one of those sterile baby incubators. But I threw a really big fit and got to hold him. Then I ran away with him and went into an empty room in the hospital and got him to nurse and used my body heat to keep him warm. Then I went back into my hospital room (which looked something like a dorm room) and told the nurses/doctors that they couldn't have him back because he was nursing and I was going to keep him warm. And they let me. Of course, I woke up contemplating the name Victor and deciding that I didn't like it b/c Vic King...ewww... But I was very proud of my dream-self for insisting on nursing and keeping the baby with me.

I should be doing school work, but it's raining out and i want to read for pleasure b/c it's Spring Break.
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