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The Spring Break List

My spring break to do (ordered by class), because I like lists:
  • Electronic and Digital Records
    • Read for March 19
    • Read for March 26
    • Find article for class discussion
    • Work on Personal digital files project
      • Finish working on personal interview
      • Do overview of files
      • Draw chart(s) of hierarchical structure of files and folders - started...this is going to take a LONG time!
      • Start granular look at files - this is also going to take a LONG time!
      • Play with hard drive enclosure when it comes in - it came in!
      • Play with syncOtunes

  • Digital Libraries
    • Read for March 20
    • Read for March 27
    • Read some old articles I never got around to reading before they were due...
    • Work on class Wiki

  • Understanding and Serving Users
    • Read for March 21 & discussion points
    • Read for March 28 & discussion points
    • Read chapters for class presentation
      • Think about dividing up chapters for group for presentation
    • Big Group Project
      • Work on survey
      • Distribute survey
      • Talk to group about comparative research and other thoughts
      • Try not to freak out about project

  • Other
    • Submit FAFSA
    • Fill out and submit TA form
    • Summer Independent Study
      • Contact advisor about possible SIS - She likes the idea! Hurray!
      • Come up with SIS objectives, goals, process, and deliverables
      • Fill out forms related to Summer Independent Study - started to fill out form.
    • Create a portfolio site for website - Started one, of course it's very minimal right now, but at least it's something
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