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To do

Another list...because it's sometimes the only thing that helps me keep my shit together.
  • Electronic and Digital Records
    • Read for Monday
    • Find article to present
    • Work on BIG project
      • Record file directory system of Elektra (and Howard II if time)
      • Start granular look at files - OMG! So many files. Too much detail required.
      • Figure out if things are missing/not expected and make a note of it

  • Digital Libraries
    • Read for Tuesday (1, 2, 3, 4)
    • Digital Library Project
      • Digitization Demo Friday @ 11am
      • Meet with group for item selection (hopefully Friday also)
      • Work on Wiki more (if rest of IA group would actually contribute, it would be nice)
      • Check out crabes's system demo
    • Short Paper
      • Start finding books/articles on Quicktime VR/other 3D modeling things - Due May 1
      • Possibly talk to Gary about it in conjunction with Summer Independent Study

  • Understanding and Serving Users
    • Chapter Presentation on Wednesday
      • Read over Contextual Inquiry & Task Analysis part of Chapter 8
      • Write 250 words on how to do Task Analysis, how to analyze data from both - Due Saturday @ 7pm
      • Come up with slides for presentation including stuff from previous item and how it ties into group project (but it doesn' this will be fun) - Due Monday @ noon
      • Get compiled paper on Sunday and make it fit formating
    • Card Sorting
      • Write up script
      • Group meeting on Saturday @ noon to set everything up
      • Get people to do card sorting - got 3
      • Analyze results
    • Read other chapters in book (1, 2)

  • Work
    • Convert paper tutorial to website tutorial
      • Make pages and insert content - have 3 pages
      • Edit images - doing this as pages are being created
      • Take to appropriate people to put it online
    • Prepare to teach class on Mail Merge
    • Teach Mail Merge class on Wed. @ 11 (pray people show) - had 2 people
    • Edit class plan based on lessons learned
    • Teach Mail Merge class on Sat April 7 @ 1pm (pray people show)
    • Continue to learn about digital video
And most of this is due by next week...oh boy!
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