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Thursday to-do list

It's Thursday and therefore time for my weekly to-do list.
  • Electronic and Digital Records
    • Read for Monday
    • Find article to present
    • Work on BIG project - Due Monday April 16
      • Record file directory system of Howard II
      • Record locations of random files on Electra - chat files, email, etc.
      • Granular look at files (don't freak out) - started on it. actually not too bad because I use so many sub-folders. - got a chunk of this done. Just have my "sites" "documents" and random places to look at. of course these are the ones that i've been avoiding...
      • Figure out if things are missing/not expected and make a note of it
      • Think about files I don't control - email, credit cards, tax records, etc
      • Start writing paper - Due Monday April 30

  • Digital Libraries
    • Read for Tuesday (anything I haven't already read for class)
    • Digital Library Project
      • Meet with group for item selection - almost done. Just need to meet with the collection curator to see the "big" items.
      • Work on Wiki more (if rest of IA group would actually contribute, it would be nice)
    • Short Paper - Due Tuesday May 1
      • Start finding books/articles on Quicktime VR/other 3D modeling things
      • Read papers
      • Look for more papers
      • Come up with outline for paper

  • Understanding and Serving Users
    • IRB paper - Due Wed. April 18
      • Write assigned sections - Due by Monday April 9
    • Card Sorting
      • Get people to do card sorting - Got enough. May get more if needed.
      • Analyze results
    • Ofter to help crabes with interface look
    • Figure out logistics of usability testing of interface

  • Work
    • Convert paper tutorial to website tutorial
      • Make pages
      • Insert content into pages
      • Edit images and put them in the pages
      • Figure out additional resource page
      • Talk to appropriate people to put it online
    • Teach Mail Merge class on Sat April 7 @ 1pm (pray people show) - no one showed. I blame the weather
    • Continue to learn about digital video

  • Other stuff
    • Pick up prescription
    • Shopping
      • Stuff to make charosts for seder on Friday
      • Stuff for muffins for pot-luck Sunday morning
    • Cooking/baking
      • Make charosets on Friday for seder
      • Make muffins on Saturday for sunday
    • Possibly movie night at savanni's if time/not freaking-out - freaking out overroad urge to be social...
    • Post about dad's visit at the end of March
Wow, I'm busy!
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