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Dad's visit

Daddy came to visit me March 23-27.

I picked him up from the airport without a problem (even though I'd never driven there before) and we picked up lordaerith from work. That night we had chinese food take-out because we were all dead tired.

On Saturday we woke up late (so nice) and did a bit of shopping. Then we dropped lordaerith off at work and went shopping for a nice cocktail dress for me. We found a really nice black one with a beige ribbon around the middle and a black purse to go with it. I made daddy buy a copy of American Gods because he hadn't read it and I thought that he should (so did dad's cousin who's a sci-fi person too...runs in the family).

On Sunday we took Dad to visit Whole Foods World (aka. the Whole Foods Flagship Store). He was really impressed with the size of it.

That night we went out (me in my nice new dress) to Hudson's on the Bend, which is a REALLY nice restaurant that serves very interesting food... Our appetizers were frogs legs, rattlesnake cakes (which were AMAZING), and a wild boar trio. For dinner I had bison stuffed with rabbit. Dad had Elk with a chocolate-chilli rub, and lordaerith had venison with lobster. It was all really interesting. For desert I had a trio of creme brule, which included a fabulous blood orange one (artemis42, I thought of you). The best part, other than the amazing food and wine, was that the restaurant had a sign that said, "Unattended children will be given expresso and a free puppy."

Monday I took daddy to school with me and showed him around my department, which was fun. Then I had class and he gave a lecture (not at my class...somewhere else) and we met back up and headed home where lordaerith had dinner cooking in the yummy.

Tuesday lordaerith and daddy got to hang out before going to the airport, but I had work and class, so I didn't get to hang out with them.
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