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For the holidays Aerith MADE me a golden rose in his welding class. I think that it is the most beautiful rose ever! and it will last forever without wilting. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend or a prettier present!!! :):):):) he is so amazing. he has the best eyes and the cutest smile and the nicest hair. and he's just wonderful.

i am almost done packing. :) just have to pack my backpack and the last minute stuff tommorow morning. hurray. :) I still can't believe i am going home. sometimes i never believe it until i am there. it's sort of strange that way.

should have been in bed ages ago. oh well.

found an online test that Threegee really should take (thanx vixenangel):
If I were a Slayers character, I'd be Sylphiel Nels Rada! Who would you be?

Your matches, in order, are as follows:
1: Sylphiel Nels Rada
2: Xelloss
3: Filia ul Copt
4: Zangulus
5: Zelgadiss Graywords
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