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The great quest of Meregoth

It all started with an email from Dad about the new Tolkien book that was signed "dumb daddy the long-lost descendent of Isuldur-the-beach-walker" which I replied to as "A-babe, Daughter of dumb daddy the long-lost descendant of Isuldur-the-beach-walker" and my sister replied as "Meregoth,Sister to A-babe, Youngest Daughter of Dumb Daddy the long-lost descendant of Isuldur-the-beach-walker." As we moved to IM, it just went downhill from there...

athene: meregoth, youngest daughter of dumb daddy, you must go on a quest

queencimmy: but I want to sing

athene: no. no singing. singing is what brought down the great tribe of Ruthilids in the age of 2.5

queencimmy: But did I not conquer the Smokonoumous Dragon that consumed the Ruthilids by the age of 3?

athene: Aye, you did. but it has been fortold that no long-lost descendant of Isuldur-the-beach-walker shall sing again, unless it is in the shower

queencimmy: but i want to sing, sing, siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg

athene: If you must, then sing quietly, lest you awaken the spirit of Smokonoumous

queencimmy: aye, tis true. what is this quest you speak of, oh oldest and (therefore supposedly) wisest of our generation?

athene: thou must first capture the terrible beast Freddie. Upon taming the beast, though must find the place Bennjerry. The way is perilous. First thou must take the great path of Ey'ten and navigate past many other perilous beasts to the Veter'nsbulv'd in the land of Me'ta Re. Me'ta Re is a dangerous land filled with hicks and pwt. Once in Me'ta Re you must go to Bennjerry and purchase the Ic e'crem cone. Only then will the curse be lifted.
Tags: family, fantasy, insanity, nerds, quest

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