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The Revenge of the List

Guess what time it is? It's time for another Thursday's list
  • Electronic and Digital Records
    • Read for Monday
    • Watch this video on Human Computation
    • Find article to present
    • Work on BIG project - Due Monday April 30
      • Think about files I don't control - webbased-email, credit cards, tax records, etc
      • Think about licensing of used programs and topics talked about in class
      • Write the paper!!!! - have 15+ pages and 4 charts, not halfway done

  • Digital Libraries
    • Catch up on missed readings (maybe)
    • Digital Library Project
      • Catalog digitized items - 3 down. 10 to go
      • Talk with selection group about exhibit look
      • Help with implement layout & design
    • Short Paper - Due Tuesday May 8
      • Don't think about paper until after May 2

  • Understanding and Serving Users

  • Work
    • Convert paper tutorial to website tutorial
      • Bug K about PHP include for submenus
    • Continue to learn about digital video, especially flash players
    • Get through end of semester insanity

  • Other stuff
    • Go to UHS appointment
    • Go to dinner with last_bastion and raenshadoe
    • See about possibly dropping by Poly Big Fun...but I doubt I will *sigh*
    • Find a wrap to go with the dress and shoes for SIL's wedding in May
This week it actually feels doable.
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