Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
Athene Numphe


Let's see if i can remember my dream from last night:

I remember that Aerith, some short person (maybe a younger person - like a young teenager) and I were escorting this young woman (probably about 18) around a city that looked like something between the French Quarter and a wild west or another southern town (maybe the Quarter years agO).

We were in the hotel suit area and i decided to go out and wander alone and then later i met up with Aerith and the short one, but our lady had dissappeared. and i was really angry with myself for wandering off when i was supposed to be looking after the lady (i guess i was a lady in waiting or something). I remember looking up and down the streets like looking up and down aisles of a grocery store because the city was layed out in a grid. We had gotten together again after splitting up to look for her and i thing she might have shown up or we all saw her. but then i woke up.
Tags: dream

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