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so close i can taste it

Finished with classes this semester. Made it through everything I had to do.

On Monday night crabes and I hosted a "Let's put this digital library together" party for our digital libraries class. A bunch of people came to it including the prof. While he and crabes worked on some back-end stuff, I coordinated the rest of the effort. I had so much fun doing it. I knew what everyone's strengths were and was able to direct people to the right person for their questions and was able to give people tasks to do that they could do and feel good about. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the pages made that I needed to because I kept having to make little tweaks and edits and answer people's questions. But I was able to direct others to work on them. The whole experience felt so right. Considering my current ideal job would be to work as a manager of a digital library initiative, it's good that I had such a good experience. We even surprised the prof. by throwing up a "browse" page at the last minute.

Project for Users went well also. Had the group rehearse the presentation the night before and it really paid off. Even figured out remote clicky thing.

Am totally exhausted, having gotten very little sleep. Still have 5-8 page paper on QuickTime VR to write. Have done most of the research already, so shouldn't be too bad.
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