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To Massachusetts and back again

On Friday lordaerith and I headed up to MA. We flew from Austin to Boston (Logan) via Dallas, which meant we had a hop and then a looong flight. Co-pilot on looong flight was really funny and kept imitating Hank Hill. At Logan, his mother picked us up and we headed straight to the restaurant for his sister's wedding's rehearsal dinner. Was a good dinner. Glad to see family. Little T (J's niece) is getting so big, she's 5 now and absolutely adorable.

After dinner we went to the hotel that MIL got us for 2 nights (and were almost everyone else was also staying). The hotel was under renovations (which was NOT mentioned on the website). The entry way was all plastic sheets and detours and stuff. When we got to the room it was two double beds instead of 1 king. Were told that all non-smoking king rooms were under construction and not available (also NOT mentioned on the website). Decided we could live with it. Went back to room. Water was running brown. Hard to take a bath with brown water. Ran water for long enough that it ran clear again. Found out internet was $10. Not overly happy with hotel. Took bath, went to bed.

Got up in morning. T's mom called us and invited us to breakfast. Found out internet was free downstairs. Found out that there was a David's Bridal down the street and that they had shawls. This was good as the one that I had ordered to go with my dress had not arrived. Went to David's Bridal with MIL and found perfect shawl. Cursed at not thinking of that earlier as there is one around the corner from apartment in Austin. Ran some wedding related errands, including going to wedding site and helping with set up. Got food, went to drug store. Got back to hotel at 3:20. Wedding was at 4:30. Ran around like crazy to get ready. Was very smart and used blow-dryer to dry freshly painted toenails. Made it to wedding site by 4:15. was very proud.

The wedding was very nice. Little T and her friend were the flower girls. Then N. walked his mother (aerith's sister) down the aisle. He's almost 14 and looks very grown up. It was conducted by a Catholic priest who was very funny. B looked so happy. Aerith said he hadn't seen her smiling that much since high school.

After the ceremony was family pictures time. Hung around in the chilly air playing the good sister-in-law. Met some relatives of B's husband's family who used to live in Austin. In fact, one of them went to UT for Library Science (it's a small world...).

Reception was nice. Food was good. Cake was yummy. DJ was okay until end of evening when he realized that room was full of Jimmy Buffet fans. Taught Little T the "staying alive" dance.

One really cool thing is that instead of having just a normal guest book, they had a Polaroid camera and colored pencils and stickers and stuff. Guest could take a picture with the camera, and then stick it in the book and decorate it with the pencils and stickers. It was a lot of fun and B and her hubby got a lot of "instant memories" to take home with them.

On Sunday we took Aerith's mom, his sister that didn't get married, Little T, N, and N's friend to brunch at IHOP. Told mom and sister that IHOP didn't accept money from mothers on Mothers Day :)

Then hung out at MIL's place afterwards and played ball with N and Little T. Explained to N how to play fizzball.

After that lordaerith and I headed out to wabres house for a potluck with a bunch of our friends. rogueactor, bellebet, godspiel, muninwing, modernaphrodite, starrfade, pyramus, PE, and Zanek were there. After eating we sat around and played a game of Munchkin Cthulhu. We had so much fun playing.

After it was over and wabres kicked us all out, lordaerith and I headed over to Amherst and crashed at safirerings and stickum's place.

That morning we took them out to breakfast at the Lone Wolf as a thank you (and because we wanted to eat there. Then lordaerith and I got our hair cut at Caren's Place (b/c everywhere down here that does it well is expensive).

Went to Credit Union to do some banking. Couldn't walk in the door without fifty million hugs. Met new teller who wants to go to school for Library Science. Wandered upstairs and said hi to everyone. Answered the same questions over and over, but it was okay.

Went to Northampton. Had lunch at Brewery. Aerith was happy because they had Raspberry Pale on tap. Yummy Brewery. Walked around Northampton. Dropped in on kjpepper at work. Met up with realtor about selling the house. Went by Smith and said hi to people in Theatre building.

Dropped in on wandelrust and a very sick omnia_mutantur. Crashed on their couches for a little while and played with the WII. Never played one before so that was fun. Went downtown with wandelrust and went to Osaka. Was ambushed by mortisnightmare outside of restaurant. :). Osaka is as good as ever.

Drove back to Eastern Mass and checked into hotel MIL had gotten for us for the night. This one had no construction, clear water, free internet, and free breakfast. Much better place for much less money.

Tuesday we got up, had breakfast, MIL came to hotel, we waited for the shuttle to Logan, got on shuttle and got to Logan. Checked in at airport. Found out that lordaerith has trouble using self check-in because his name is too common. Showed MIL how to get through security and all that good stuff.

Flew with MIL back to Austin. we'd bought her the tickets as an X-Mas/Birthday/Mothers Day present. She hadn't flown in about 20 years and was amazed at how much nicer the planes were and how much smother the ride was. We had a stop over in Dallas. We got to our gate, but then they did a gate change on us. We got to the new gate, got on the plane, and the all of a sudden the power on the plane cut out. We sat there for a while and then they had us deplane. After a while (where they were constantly saying that they didn't have any information on what was wrong) they fixed it and we were back on the plane. MIL was very nervous about getting back on the plane, but it was fine. Turned out there was a power serge from the gate to the plane and it blew a fuse or something, but they were able to fix it without a problem.

Got to Austin, got luggage, and picked up car from long-term parking. Since we got in an hour and a half after we were supposed to, we actually missed all the rush-hour traffic. Dropped MIL off at her hotel, got chinese food, ate, unpacked, and fell over.

Photos of wedding and pot-luck coming soon.

Now back to dealing with MIL.
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