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MIL visit so far

My mother-in-law (MIL) has been in town since Tuesday (she flew back with us). She's saying at a nearby hotel (thank goddess).

On Wed. we drove her around Austin, showing her Lake Travis, some of the campus, a bit of the downtown and Whole Food World (where we had lunch). That night we went to Threadgill's, so she could experience some real "southern" cooking. Mmm...Chicken Fried Steak and garlic cheese grits! Then we went down by the river to wait for the bats. Unfortunately not enough came out to do a full sweeping thing (like I've seen them do), but it was still really cool.

Thursday we were going to go to the Alamo, but we got started late and decided to go to Hamilton Pool instead. MIL went in the water and had a fun time swimming around. lordaerith and I thought the water was too cold, so we didn't go in. Instead we went behind the waterfall and took lots of pictures. Afterwards we came home and I made dinner for everyone. We showed MIL Ninja Warrior.

Friday Aerith had to work early. Then he came home and started dinner while I took MIL out to see UT's campus. Who's brilliant idea was it to run reduced shuttle service during graduation weekend??? MIL did not have on walking shoes so showing her around was somewhat of a trial. But I think that she liked what she saw. Showed her the fountain by the theatre building, the Drag, the HRC, and the iSchool building. While I was there I picked up my paper from DL class. Came home, had dinner, showed MIL our wedding photos, and then Aerith drove her home.

Today I wasn't feeling well so I was bad and slept in late and didn't call MIL until an hour or so ago. She was having fun just "resting in [her] little room." Which is fine by me. I think we all needed a rest day.

Here are the pictures from my sister-in-law's wedding. I still haven't gotten to the ones from the pot-luck or Hamilton Pool.
Brendas Wedding
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