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Rest of MIL's visit and more pictures

I have this thing sometimes where I tell myself that I can't post about x until I've done y. In this case, I didn't want to post about the rest of MIL's visit until I had the pictures from the potluck and Hamilton pool edited and uploaded. Well, I've done that, so now I can post.

First, here are the pictures from the Potluck at wabres's house and from Hamilton Pool
Potluck at Erics
Hamilton Pool

On Saturday night, lordaerith and I took MIL to the Kobe Steakhouse, which is a hibachi place. OMG, the food was amazing and the service was excellent. Our chef was so funny. Probably the best one that I've ever had. I even caught the egg in my mouth when he tossed it to me. And he would flip the bowls of fried rice. It was amazing.

On Sunday, lordaerith had to work, so I took his mother out alone. First we went to the O'Henry house, which was interesting, if small. Found out the punning competition was the day before. Then we went to lunch at Scholz's Garten. Finally we headed to Lady Bird Johnson's Wildflower Center. It was late when we got there, so we got in at two-for-one. The flowers were very pretty and made me wish that I'd brought my camera.

On Monday MIL and I headed up to Salado because she wanted to see it. We ate at the Stagecoach Inn and then walked around looking at all of the fancy shops and stuff. After she couldn't walk anymore we got in the car and randomly drove around the town until we got back to the highway.

That night we took her to see Hot Fuzz at the Alamo Drafthouse. OMG! Such a funny movie. lordaerith was laughing out loud, which is rare for him. MIL really liked movie and Alamo experience.

On Tuesday we went out to breakfast and then dropped her off at the airport. She got home safely.

The end.
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