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Last night the power kept going on and off (thank goddess lordaerith has a battery operated alarm clock...). And the cats were acting really strange. Normally if Natasha is on the bed and I push her a little bit, she jumps right off, but last night she held onto the covers and refused to leave the bed no-matter how much I rolled around. While I enjoyed her company, it was definitely not normal. And this morning Boris was hiding under the bed and didn't even cry for his food when we woke up...

Then the MoPac was totally packed when I drove to work. It took me forever to get here, even though the rush hour crowed is usually gone by 9:30. The weird thing is that I didn't see any wreaks or anything. Occasionally there was someone ambling down the side of the road, which was strange...especially since they were moving slower than we were and we were stop and go.

When I got to the UT campus, however, the parking garage was eerily empty, which was odd because I thought there was orientation going on.

Everything seemed fine until my lunch break when I went to the PCL (the library) to return my book. As I put my book in the return pile, I heard a strange noise near by. I turned around and there was the reference librarian BITING someone. It was so freaky, like being in a movie. Her mouth was all bloody and the kid started screaming. I ran out of there as quickly as possible. When I got outside, there were cops and dogs and everything heading into the building. They told us not to panic. DON'T PANIC. WTF! That was a zombie. I know I don't watch horror movies that often but I know a zombie when I see one.

Edit: Just got an email from UT saying that there was (yet another) threat at the Library, but not to worry. Don't worry???? I'm one building over from zombies.

Edit 2: I checked the internet. According to moonrose, it was zombies that caused the highway traffic.

Edit 3: I don't know what I'm going to do. They turned off the escalators (hopefully zombies don't know how to use stairs), but here I am in a room with no windows, no defense, and no way of knowing what's going on out there.

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